January 9-10, 2016 ALP Stargazing Session Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty ,  Joaquin Fajardo and Manuel Goseco

Last January 9th, ALPers consisting of ALP President James Kevin Ty, Joaquin Fajardo, Per Edman and Manuel Goseco went to Tanay, Rizal to do a stargazing session under dark sky. They arrive at the site at around 9:00pm and the sky was a bit cloudy . The sky partly cleared up after they set up for them to do some deep sky imaging session. James brought along his Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS Lens on Kenko Sky Memo-R star tracker ; Joaquin with his Canon 75-300mm lens on Vixen Polarie star tracker ; Manuel with his Celestron C8 Edge SCT on AVX mount; Per with his Orion XT6 dobsonian mount.  In the early evening , James imaged the the Orion Nebular Complex  and Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina in the early morning before sunrise. Alex imaged NGC3372 Eta Carina as well as Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina.  Manuel was  testing his scope and mount tried to image several deep sky objects such as Orion Nebula,  Whirpool Galaxy and Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina.

Despite the several abrupt short drizzle sessions they encountered, they are still quite happy that they were able to some deep sky imaging session despite the Moon's presence. In the morning, they had a traditional group picture taken by going home.

ALPer Per beside his Orion XT6 Dobsonian reflector.


ALPer Manu beside his Celestron Edge 8" SCT on AVX mount.

ALPer Joaquin beside his Canon EF75-300mm lens on Vixen Polarie Star Tracker.

ALPer James in between his Canon EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS L lens on Kenko Sky Memo-R star tracker and Astro Trac star tracker.

NGC3372 Eta Carina in Carina by ALPer Joaquin Fajardo


Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina in Bootes by ALPer Joaquin Fajardo

Orion Nebular Complex in Orion by ALPer James Kevin Ty

Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina in Bootes by ALPer  James Kevin Ty

M42 Orion Nebula in Orion by ALPer Manu Goseco

M51 Whirpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici by ALPer Manu Goseco

Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina in Bootes by ALPer Manu Goseco

M65 / M66 Galaxy Pair in Leo by ALPer Manu Goseco

Group Shot



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