March 10, 2016 ALP TSE Palangkaraya Report - Day 5 (Jakarta)
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty , Allan Renan Acosta and Alberto Lao


In the early morning of March 10th, the remaining 6 ALP Total Solar Eclipse Palangkaraya Team composing of ALP President James Kevin Ty, VP Jett Aguilar, Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, members Renan Acosta, Alberto Lao and Felipe Uygongco  woke up early at around 4:30am and had an early breakfast before going to Palangkaraya Airport for their 8:20am IST flight back to Jakarta. After they arrive at Jakarta at around 10:00am IST, ALPers Jett Aguilar and Allan Renan Acosta go separate ways with the rest of the  group as they proceeded to Surabaya from Jakarta to attend their Neurosurgeon Convention.  ALPer Felipe Uygongco, on the other hand is meeting another friend in Jakarta so only ALPers James Kevin Ty, Christopher Louie Lu, and Alberto Lao proceeded to go to Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory after they had a simple brunch at A&W at the airport.  They then took an airport taxi and rented the taxi to bring them to the planetarium then to  the Sogo Dept Store then back to the airport again in the evening.

After they arrive at the Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory, they found out that the planetarium show is close because their Zeiss planetarium projector is broken for the last 3 months already but the museum itself is open so they proceeded to check out the rest of the planetarium facility as well as its observatory's telescopes. It's a good thing the planetarium operator is kind enough to guide us throughout and even open the 12" Asko Maksutov-Newtonian reflector for us to inspect.  The mount's motor is also broken but the telescope itself is still in mint condition.

After their tour of the planetarium and observatory facility, they went to Sogo Dept Store to do window shopping as well as eat dinner before heading back to the airport and meet up with ALPer Felipe Uygongco at check in counter before going inside the departure area to do some last minute duty free shopping before boarding the PAL to Manila at 12:55am IST.  They also got to meet fellow amateur astronomers Lordnico Mendoza and Mario Raymundo of PAGASA who were more lucky than us in Luwuk, Sulawesi with good sky all throughout. 

Anyway, the ALP team is already on the talk of the upcoming Solar Eclipse expedition to USA next year and hope the entire group will again be together to observe another 2 minutes of darkness together under the shadow of the Moon :)

ALP TSE2016 Palangkaraya Team awaiting their flight back to Jakarta from Palangkaraya.

ALPer James Kevin Ty got featured at the front page of Indonesian newspaper Tabengan. ALP TSE2016 Palangkarayta team was also mentioned in the newspaper. Good news to greet the group inside the airplane :)

ALP TSE2016 Palangkaraya Team Leader James Kevin Ty is all smile as he pointed at his photo on the front page of Tabengan newspaper :)

ALPers James Kevin Ty, Alberto Lao, and Christopher Louie Lu had  a nice lunch at A&W Restaurant at Jakarta Airport.

This brought the group all laughter as they saw this banner outside the Jakarta airport toward their trip to Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory.

ALP Groupie Shot inside the taxi to Jakarta Planetarium and observatory.

Welcome to Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory !

Another ALP groupie shot at the entrance of Jakarta Planetarium and Observtory.

ALPer Alberto Lao beside an Indonesian Cosmonaut Suit display .

ALPer Christopher Louie Lu posed in front of the Planetarium's official total solar eclipse banner :)

ALP groupie shot in front of the Planetarium's official total solar eclipse banner :)

Jakarta Planetarium's Zeiss Projector

ALPers posed beside the Zeiss Planetarium Projector.

ALPers Christopher Louie Lu and James Kevin Ty with the Planetarium curator.

The IYA2009 Galileo Scope is proudly displayed inside the planetarium's exhibit hall.

One of the beautiful astronomy panels that can be viewed inside the exhibit hall.

An old brass planisphere for Jakarta latitude use :)

ANice Dynascope 90mm Maksutov

A 10.5kg Pasuruan Meteorite that fell in Pasuruan , Indonesia in February 14, 1975 is proudly displayed at the planetarium.

Pasuruan Meteorite (rear image)

12" Astro Maksutov-Newtonian reflector

ALPer James Kevin Ty, Alberto Lao and Christopher Louie Lu beside the 12" Astro Maksutov-Newtonian reflector.

One of the beautiful Astro Light Panels that can eb viewed inside the planetarium's exhibit hall.

Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory back entrance.

Last ALP groupie shot before they depart from Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory.

ALPer James Kevin Ty, Alberto Lao and Christopher Louie Lu had a hearty dinner at SOGO department store before they return to Jakarta airport for their flight back to Manila.

ALPers James Kevin Ty and Christopher Louie Lu take groupie shot with fellow Filipino astronomers Irving Raymundo and Lordnico Mendoza who also went to Indonesia to observe the total solar eclipse.

Thank you Indonesia for the happy memories !




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