April 16, 2016 ALP GAM Global Star Party Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty, Justine Garcia and Arnel Campos

ALP celebrated Global Star Party last April 16 at San Miguel by the Bay (SMBY) . Members who were present are ALP President James Kevin Ty, director Shubhashish Banerjee,  Justine Garcia , Mark Ian Singson and Arnel Campos together with his friends John Lois Mendez, Jan Augustus Rapiza and John Paul Singh.

They started to setup their telescopes at 7:30pm right after the SM weekend fireworks. ALPer Arnel Campos brought along his Celestron C127 Newtonian reflector on CG2 mount ; Justine with her Celestron C130 Newtonian reflector on CG3 mount ; Mark Ian Singson with his 60mm f/5 refractor on sturdy tripod ; Shubhashish Banerjee with his WO Megrez 90 ED refractor on Celestron AVX mount.  More than 500+ people were able to observe the Moon as well as Orion  Nebula, Sirius, Mars and Saturn through the different scopes brought along by ALPers.

They ended the event at around 10:00pm with a traditional group shot at the event of the event.

ALPer Arnel Campos beside his trusty Celestron C127 Newtonian reflector on CG-2 mount.

ALPer Mark Ian Singson beside his 60mm f/5 refractor on sturdy tripod.

Crowd starting to come to the observing site right after the weekend foreworks.

ALPer Shubhashish Banerjee beside his WO Megrez 90FD refractor on Celestron VX mount.

More than 500+ got the chance to view the Moon, Jupiter, Orion Nebula and Sirius.

ALPer Arnel Campos is all smiles as he show a small kid the beauty of the Moon.


ALPer Justine Garcia points her telescope to the Moon as the people waited for their turn at the eyepiece.

ALPer Arnel Campos helps a kid snap an image of the Moon with her mobile phone for souvenir.

Group Shot

Wacky Shot





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