March 12, 2023 ALP Astro Experts Series Webinar 2023 with Heidi Hammel, Ph.D

Please join us this March 12 (Sunday) at 10 A.M. Philippine Standard Time (March 11, Saturday, 9 P.M. EST) for the Astronomy Experts Speaker Series 2023 online talk on:
“The First Year of the James Webb Space Telescope: What We’ve Learned, What Is Still to Come” by Heidi Hammel, Ph.D.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) launched into space on Christmas Day, 2021. During its first year, this innovative observatory has already made revolutionary advances across astronomy with its infrared capability and high sensitivity. In this talk, Dr. Heidi B. Hammel will describe how JWST came to be and what it was designed to do, with personal insights into the long and complicated path to its launch. She will highlight amazing results from JWST’s first year, from discoveries about our nearby neighbors in the Solar System, to the spectacular deep-space images of distant galaxies. Dr. Hammel will also describe JWST’s studies of planets around other stars, explaining how we can study their atmospheres. She will finish with a look ahead not only for JWST, but also for the future of space astrophysics.

Register now for this free Zoom online talk using this link – or by scanning the QR code in the poster shown here using your cellphone camera. After registration, check your registered e-mail for the Zoom meeting link. See you!

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