DQ Vul Follow Up Observation

Contributor: Raymund Ang  
Published: 11/11/23 

Category:  Transients (variable stars, novae, SN, and others)  
Date: 11/10/23     Location: Northeastern USA 
Instrumentation: Unistellar eQuinox (114mm, f/3.9 - IMX224) 

I was able to image and do photometry of variable star DQ Vul. Current mag is 11.8 CV. This is indeed brighter than the AAVSO VSX published maximum magnitude of 14.5, and from magnitude readings of previous years based on the AAVSO light curve; will continue to monitor target. Included on the other photo is the AAVSO light curve I have for the target.

UPDATE: I reached out to VSX. Difference in magnitude may be related to the star being a Mira type / red star, so can influence photometric results when using clear or colored cameras. Nothing unusual in ASAS-SN data as well.