November 8, 2023 Saturn Imaging Session

Contributor: Kendrick Cole KC Ty  
Published: 11/08/23 

Category:  Planets  
Date: 11/09/23     Location: Manila , Philippines 
Instrumentation: Meade 8" f10 SCT ZWO ASI294MC PRO TV 2.5x Powermate Vixen GPDX mount 

After going out with some of my friends, my dad and I decided to take photos of the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. It is my 1st attempt in taking photos of a planetary object in the night sky.

After imaging Jupiter, we proceeded to image Saturn and its beautiful rings. However, the viewing and imaging conditions for Saturn was considerably worse compared to when we were imaging Jupiter. A thick cloud cover started to obscure our object. Furthermore, Saturn was already starting to set and was already at a low altitude.

Regardless, I find my first planetary imaging session was a resounding success! Looking forward to imaging more planets in the future!

Photo taken using ZWO ASI294 MC PRO with Meade 8" F10 Schmitt-Cassegrain reflector telescope with Televue 2.5x Powermate mounted on a Vixen Great Polaris-Deluxe mount on a tripod.

11-08-23 10:04 PM