Solar Imaging Session – December 10, 2023

Contributor: James Kevin Ty  
Published: 12/11/23 

Category:  Sun  
Date: 12/10/23     Location: Manila , Philippines 
Instrumentation: Borg 76ED Refractor , ZWO ASI290MM , Vixen GPDX , Daystar Quark Chromosphere Ha Filter , Lunt B1200 CaK Module Filter 

Solar Imaging Session - December 10, 2023
The sky this afternoon is clear and seeing condition is good. AR3513 is getting bigger while outgoing AR3511 and AR3510 is nearing the SW limb. AR3516 and AR3515 are coming in from the SE limb. AR3513 in Ha wavelength is showing some flaring activities as well. AR3507 is also nearing the NW limb.