Solar Imaging Session- November 26, 2023

Contributor: James Kevin Ty  
Published: 11/27/23 

Category:  Sun  
Date: 11/26/23     Location: Manila , Philippines 
Instrumentation: Borg 76ED Refractor , ZWO ASI290MM , Vixen GPDX , Daystar Quark Chromosphere Ha Filter , Lunt B1200 CaK Module Filter 

Solar Imaging Session - November 26, 2023

The sky was practically all cloudy the whole day and even rain hard late in the afternoon. But after the rainfall, the sky started to get clear and I use this opportunity to image the Sun despite the fact it is already low in the western horizon which means I will have a high probability of getting a bad seeing condition. Lots of sunspot groups scattered on the solar disk with the group under AR3502,3491, 3492 and 3490 the most prominent region on the disk and followed also by another groups under AR3501, 3500, 3494 and 3493 region. There is also a bright flare in the AR3490 while I was imaging . Also beautiful is the faint large SW bar prominence which stand tall despite being a little dim so I had to overexpose it to capture the faint tendrils.