February 19, 2023 NAW Opening Program Talk


Please support and attend our ALP National Astronomy Week 2023 Opening Program (via Zoom) to be held this coming Sunday, Feb 19, 2023, 9:00 AM Philippine Standard Time , 01:00 UTC (8 PM EST, February 18)

We have invited several esteemed speakers for our ALP NAW 2023 theme – “Under One Sky, One World”. We are very fortunate to have with us none other than the current President of the International Astronomical Union IAU), Dr. Debra M. Elmegreen to give the Opening Remarks. The Senior Editor of the very prestigious Sky & Telescope Magazine, J. Kelly Beatty will then talk on “The Fight Against Light Pollution”. This will be followed by Ms. Imelda Joson and Mr. Edwin Aguirre who will speak on “From the Earth to the Stars, and Back: Our Personal Journey”. The last speaker will be Mr. Peter Tubalinal of the Astronomical League of the Philippines who will discuss “Observing the Sky with Small Telescopes” in addition to cellphone astrophotography.

Register now for this free Zoom online program using this link http://bit.ly/3XlXwgf or by scanning the QR code in the poster shown here using your cellphone camera. After registration, check your registered e-mail for the Zoom meeting link. See you!