November 8, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse

On the early evening of November 8, 2022, there will be a total lunar eclipse that will be visible in the Philippines as well as from Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America. The Moon will rise with more or less 25% umbral partial phase already at 05:19 pm PST (Philippine Standard Time) so it is best to find an observing site with a clear eastern horizon. This eclipse will pass almost centrally along the Earth’s shadow thus totality for this eclipse will be long at around 1 hour 26 minutes! Moon will enter Totality at around 06:16 pm PST with maximum totality phase occurring at 6:59pm PST with the Moon at around 22 deg high in the eastern horizon near the constellation of Aries. Totality will end at around 07:42 pm PST. Afterwards, the Moon will gradually start to exit the umbral shadow until it exits umbral phase at around 08:49 pm PST. The Moon will totally exits the penumbral phase at 09:56pm PST signifying the end of the eclipse event.

The Moon is expected to be dark red in color during totality as it will almost pass the center of Earth’s umbral shadow thus it is favorable for imagers who have a motorized tracking mount or use a higher ISO to compensate for longer exposure needed. Good luck to all and clear skies!