November 19, 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse Image Gallery

Below are images taken by members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines. Therefore, all images are the property of ALP as well as the imager mentioned. Any intention to use the images should seek permission to the ALP as well as the main author of the image.

James Kevin Ty

Images taken using Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera on Borg 76ED Refractor mounted on Kenko Sky Memo-R star tracker.


Francisco Lao, Jr.

Images taken using Nikon DSLR camera on Daystar 80mm f/8 Refractor on Vixen Porta Mount.  A sequence of three images centered on maximum eclipse in this morning’s Partial Lunar Eclipse. You can see how the Moon is moving vs. the Earth’s shadow.
Imaged with a DSLR and a 18-400mm zoom lens set at 400 mm, with 2x teleplus.


Eric Africa

HDR composite of the eclipse near maximum (taken around 4:05AM). This was taken with a Canon Digital Rebel t6i through a TMB-152 scope riding on an Astro-Physics AP1200GTO mount.

Alberto Lao 

Image taken using Nikon P1000 iso800-1600 F3.5 – F5.6 I/1.3 to 1/8 sec +/- 1000mm


Raymund Sarmiento

Images taken using Canon 7D DSLR with 500mm f8 mirror lens.


Christopher Go

Image taken using Nikon DSLR with Nikon 180mm f2.8 lens with 2x teleconverter set at 360mm f8.


Peter Benedict Tubalinal 

The final minutes of the Partial Lunar Eclipse as it exits the penumbral shadow. Image taken using Orion ST80 f/5 EQ1 afocal with 15mm Orion Sirius and Huawei Nova 3i smartphone. ISO 50 1/250 seconds processed with Snapseed.