November 30, 2020 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This coming November 30, there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse that will be visible here in the Philippines as well as most of the Asian region. This will be the last lunar eclipse for the year 2020.

The moon will pass thru the southern part of the Earth’s shadow at a maximum penumbral shading of sound 83% so no “bite effect” will be seen during that time but only some slight shading that can be seen on the northern limb of the Moon.

Penumbral Eclipse will start before moon rise at around 3:32pm and we will only be able to view it when moonrise starts later at around 5:27pm. Maximum penumbral eclipse will be 5:43pm with the Moon around 4 deg low in the eastern horizon and will starts to recedes afterwards till the Moon exits the Penumbral shadow totally at 7:53pm with the Moon around 33deg high in the eastern horizon.

Eclipse diagram courtesy of Eclipse 2.0

Eclipse circumstances are as follows (all in Philippine Standard Time)

Moon enters Penumbra 3:32 pm (below horizon)
Moonrise 5:27pm 0.4 deg, 69deg NE Az
Maximum Penumbra Eclipse 5:43 pm 4deg, 69 deg Az
Moon exits Penumbra 7:53pm 33deg, 72 deg Az

Happy viewing and clear skies to all!