October 29, 2023 Partial Lunar Eclipse


On the early morning of October 29, 2021, there will be a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible in the Philippines as well as Asia. The Moon will enter the Earth’s light shadow (penumbra) at around 2:02am (PST) when the moon is 54 degrees above the western horizon. Moon then enters into the Earth’s dark shadow (Umbra) at around 03:35am PST with the Moon 33 degrees above western horizon. Maximum eclipse will occur at around 4:14am PST with the Moon 23 degrees above the western horizon, Moon will finally exits the umbral shadow at 4:53am PST with the Moon less than 14 deg above the western horizon. The whole penumbral shadow will not be completely visible as Moonset will end the event locally at 5:53am PST.

Since this eclipse is shallow, the Moon will be bright enough to capture even without a motorized tracking mount. Good luck to all and clear skies! Below is a simulated image of the Moon at maximum eclipse. Image by Eclipse 2.0